About ePundit Technologies Ltd

We are a start-up

We are a small start-up based in London, UK. ePundit Technologies Ltd. is a essentially the coming together of a handful of industry experts who, after years of working for large IT firms and clients, have decided to go out to the industry and help business directly. We feel consultants who work independently are much more effective in catering to clients' needs since it is much easier to convert years of experience and first-hand expertise into relevant and realistic solutions that address requirements or issues directly. It is a win-win situation since the business benefit directly, without having to go through entire hierarchies of ineffective layers of corporate management that only add to costs without bringing in any value

Our mission is simply to be effective at minimal costs

Relevant and the most effective solutions only come from the best minds. And the best minds can only work independently. Our mission is to bring the best minds directly to the clients' table so that problems are understoon first-hand and relevant solutions are provided for the requirement on hand. The aim is to encourage innovation and brilliance thereby making sure creativity and expertise do not get lost in confounding corporate mazes. We are here to make sure the business do not pay to support the salaries of layers and layers of corporate managers who add very little value in IT engagements.

Innovation is at the core of what we do

At ePundit we encourage innovation. Simply because we believe only innovation and creative thinking can produce cutting-edge solutions that not only address current requirements but go beyond and enable our clients to stay ahead of competition.