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No leaks in my VPN

Hosting a personal Wireguard VPN Server on AWS

The Problem With VPN Service Providers VPN services need no explicit introduction. An average internet user would most likely have used services of a VPN provider at some point or the other to access geo-restricted application, to throw a cloak of anonymity around their online activities, to hide IP addresses …

My Firewall @ Pi

There is something about firewalls and routers that has always managed to excite me. From being a rudimentary system comprising a lone BT router, emitting wifi for the family years back, my home network has grown into a complex system of switches, ethernet cables, modems, VLANs, and sunbets that quite often, and honestly, overwhelms its creator too !! A custom router, complete with load balancers, failovers, inbound and outbound VPNs and a sophisticated firewall is the latest addition to my labyrinth. Building this cunning piece of software and coaxing it to work on a rather inexpensive Raspberry Pi has been quite an experience, which I am delighted to share. If such networking experiments thrill you as much as they thrill me… on….

Hosting a website on your home computer

Introduction When you bought your PC you probably ordered some decent hardware including a powerful CPU, plenty of RAM and maybe four or five times the disk space you would normally need. Most of the computing power you spent your money on may well be idling away in an obscure …